Monday, March 23, 2009

Okay, so I'm going to update this blog so Ann will finally put in a picture on her Facebook account! Here's to you Ann!

Well, I forgot that Janie set this up for me. I have been so extremely busy that I just totally spaced it off. Well, that and I don't think anyone has forgotten my hair color! Well, anyways, my life is finally starting to slow down. I quit one of my jobs so I can spend more time with my kids. That way, maybe I can actually help raise them instead of Lisa and my parents and Janie! I didn't enroll in classes this semester, I figure that I put off school for 8 years, what's another couple until Kyson is in atleast kindergarten. I am now just working at Home Depot, which I love. I love everyone I work with and we all really enjoy laughing at each other!! For the most part, we all get along very, very well.
Peydon, my oldest, has been doing bantam wrestling for the first time this year. He has loved it. I signed Kyson up too, but he chickened out in the end. That child (Kyson) has a mind of his own, and you can't force him to do anything, just ask Janie! He has a very nasty temper, and is constantly eating soap, or sitting in timeout! He likes to say bad words! Not swear words so much as mean words like idiot, stupid, and freak!
Hadley is just funny! She can be such a girly little stinker and then turn around and get dirty with the boys. She loves to help me clean, but only on her terms! She loves to go to the babysitters and Lisa loves having her come. The other kids love her tons also. She says she's going to play T-ball this year, we'll see!
Well, there you go. It's my update, and so let's see some pics, Ann!